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竹纖維沐浴磨砂起泡方巾 多功能小浴巾 一面是竹纖維毛巾 另一面是起泡王臺灣麻 集抗菌,柔軟,起泡,磨砂功能于一身! 1/ 去除化妝、油脂、油和死皮細胞不含化學品 2/ 去角質肌膚,使肌膚光滑、柔軟、光澤。 3/ 特殊的華夫餅編織可以更快地清潔和去角質。 每次洗滌 都能讓您的肌膚煥然一新。 4/請勿漂白或熨燙,自會柔軟。 只需用清水沖洗並懸掛它,它會在空氣中快速乾燥,不會像其他毛巾一樣發霉!

Bamboo fiber bath frosted foaming square towel Multifunctional small bath towel One side is bamboo fiber the other side is the foaming fabric. Combine antibacterial, soft, foaming, and frosting functions in one! 1/ Removes makeup, grease, oil and dead skin cells without chemicals 2/ Exfoliate the skin to make the skin smooth, soft and shiny. 3/ The special waffle weave can clean and exfoliate faster. Every time you use, your skin will be refreshed. 4/ Do not bleach, it will be soft. Just rinse it with water and hang it, it will dry quickly in the air and won't be moldy like other towels! Material : One side 100% Bamboo Fibre Otherside 100% Taiwan Ramie Size: 32 x 32 cm

多功能沐浴方巾 Bamboo Bath Towel

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